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Laser Engravers - Laser Cutters - Laser Markers

Whether you’re looking for a plastic engraving tool or a complete wood engraving solution, the LaserPro Laser Engraver, Laser Cutter and Laser Marker will handle it all. The LaserPro Laser Engraving System comes with numerous features that you need for your business. These standard laser engraver features include:


We are proud to say that this feature comes standard with all our laser engraving systems (except the Gaia & Stellar Mark Series). Depending on the lense being used, whether the 1.5", 2", 2.5", or 4" lense you must focus the lense that specific distance from the material being lasered. Although we include the tool to do this manually, why would you? This is a tedious process and subject to error. To manually focus you basically place the tool inside the slot next to the lense and using the up or down arrow move the table to just touch the bottom of the tool. Keep in mind that the laser beam is five thousands (.005) of an inch in diameter and is extremely accurate and requires an exact distance for optimum quality in your lasering. In a nutshell doing this manual method is prone to human error.

LaserPro laser engravers have Focal SharpTM (Patent Pending). It is the only one button touch, one touch automatic focus tool and is a standard feature on LaserPro C180, Mercury III, Spirit LS, Spirit GLS, S290, and all X Series laser engraving systems. No more fumbling, trial and error focusing. Your engraving projects becomes faster with unmatched quality, plus, increased productivity means increased profit.

Air-Assist for Laser Cutter

Imagine if you will a beam of light, thousands of degrees in temperature, cutting a piece of acrylic or wood. Imagine if you will that the cutting was left unattended and now the material has caught on fire. Now imagine the laser engraver when the flame gets out of control and there is no one there to prevent the laser from melting and literally destroying the laser.

This is where Air-Assist truly shines. With an air compressor attached to our standard Air-Assist you have a continuous flow of air blowing directly at the area the laser beam is engraving/cutting. LaserPro laser engravers/cutters have this as a standard feature for a few reasons.

  • First it protects your investment by preventing a flame.
  • Second when the laser beam vaporizes what it touches the Air-Assist helps to get the debri airborn so that the exhaust can grab it and ventilate it.
  • Third with this removal of debri you get a cleaner, better quality cut/engraved image.

Lowest price structure

Although we have 87 engineers ( 6 with Doctorates and 12 with Bachelors Degrees) having 79 patents pending and 60 actual patents owned ensures we will maintain the claim of 'The Best Laser Engraver EVER Made!' and a large overhead as a result of the huge staff, we are nearly a $250 million dollar company and we continually seek new ways to make our pricing structure competitive and beneficial to our customer base and prospective customer base. Our pricing structure is so low that LaserProNA.com is not even allowed to post it online.

If you fill out our inquiry form you will be provided a price list upon request from your local distributor.

Get the grand overall picture so you can make an informed and educated purchasing decision. You will see with LaserPro's unique and standard features and extremely competitive pricing structure we offer by far the most bang for the buck!

Most Powerful Laser Engraver Driver

This is a no brainer, we have the most powerful laser engraver driver on the market. With the hardware features we add as standard and/or unique our supporting software far exceeds what anyone else has available. Some features include:

  • Home | Without Home | Relative Move | Center
  • SmartCenter
  • Always Free Carriage
  • Without Vector | Mirror | Invert
  • SmartAct - Eliminates time and space required for ramping speed for both acceleration and deceleration.
  • Speed & Power set according to color
  • Turn on or off raster or vector independently based on color
  • Auto Focus by Color
  • Defocus by Color
  • DPI available from 125,200,250,300,380,500,600,760,1000, 1500\
  • Instant access to DPI choices for quick changes
  • PPI automatically matches DPI setting or change manually from 30 PPI to 1524 PPI
  • Instant access to PPI for quick changes
  • Save setting profiles directly to your hard drive
  • Profile History settings for instant access to your profiles
  • Easily & quickly change between B/W, Color, 3D, Rubber Stamp mode
  • In B/W mode change print quality instantly (Fine - Coarse, Error Diffusion)
  • Even choose dot pattern in B/W mode (Random, Corner, Round, and 45 Degree)
  • The most versatile Rubber Stamp mode in the industry, period.
  • True 3D that works with 240 shades of Gray

FREE Driver Upgrades

With numerous engineers working on our equipment and drivers regularly you can be sure that new features are added or older ones are improved upon on a regular basis. But you might wonder what this new driver will cost you and how to obtain new drivers when released?

Once a LaserPro customer, always a LaserPro customer. We have a standard policy that our drivers are FREE upgrades to our customers. Occasionally a new driver feature may require a firmware upgrade (software upgrade to the laser itself), these are provided FREE of charge also.

Updating to a new driver or firmware upgrade are a free and simple process. All customers that have registered at LaserProUSA.com will regularly receive update notifications, with instructions on where to download, how toinstall and what the new features provided do. A STANDARD feature of a LaserPro Laser engraver.

100 File Mode

100 (Multiple) File Mode:

The mode you will most likely use on a regular basis. In this mode you can successfully hold up to 100 files on your LaserPro laser engraver/cutter. This will allow you to cycle through the available files on your laser for future lasering per laser session. As long as you name your files in a recognizable name format then cycling through the available files is a piece of cake, allowing you to re-engrave as necessary.

A STANDARD feature of a LaserPro Laser engraver.

Red Beam Pointer

Laser light is virtually invisible so determining the location of where the beam will begin or in our Relative Move selection, determining where the page begins is very difficult. If you cannot see the laser light the LaserPro produces, then how do you see where to position? LaserPro has a solution that is standard on ALL our equipment. A red beam pointer. With the ability to choose the home location you desire anywhere on the table, sometimes it can get quite difficult to know where that specific home is. With a red beam point standard on all LaserPro laser engravers/cutters you can always be sure of the the location of the laser beam.

Two Year Warranty

Unlike some companies that either don't put it into writing or make extravagant claims that their equipment is this and that we stand behind our claims and put it into writing. You read right we have the longest warranty in the business; two (2) years. You can be sure that this is proof positive that we stand behind our equipment.

We don't simply make the claim that our equipment is durable, dependable, reliable and virtually bullet proof. We know our equipment is all this and much, much more. Because we have such faith in our equipment we back all of the LaserPro line of engravers/cutters with a two (2) warranty, bumper to bumper, including the laser tube. Consumables have a 90 day warranty.

You can be sure that this is the industry's longest and most thorough warranty. Our entire family of laser engravers/cutters carry a two (2) year warranty. Also once your a customer of LaserPro, your always a customer of LaserPro and we will take care of you and do what it takes to keep you satisfied, productive and profitable.