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The MOST ADVANCED Laser Cutter engineered to deliver unrivaled output performance. LaserPro’s award winning product gets bigger and faster. The Spirit series has received worldwide accolades from the signs and awards industry since its introduction. Now welcome the top of the line, Spirit GLS, to the family. This laser engraving machine is equipped with sensible upgrades to further boost overall usability.

INNOVATIVE, UNIQUE, INGENIOUS a few choice words in a weak attempt to describe the NEW LaserPro Spirit Series. No single adjective can possibly capture what the LaserPro engineers have created with the newest LaserPro family member.
Standard features include: Air Assist, SmartLID, SmartLIGHT, Emergency Stop, Easy Laser Upgrade, User Friendly Control Panel, High Speed Reliable Motion System, SmartPIN Auto Focus, Pass-Thru via Front & Rear Doors, True 3D Engraving, Advanced Vector Modes, Intelligent Rubber Stamp Engraving, Multiple/single job selection,. NOTE: These are standard features that the others SOMETIMES if even available provide at a price, ours is included! Find out why LaserPro continues to confidently and boldly state “The BEST Laser ever Made!”