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Developed on the basis of GCC LaserPro’s accumulated technology with a new powerful motion system. GCC LaserPro T500 is capable of exceptional 3D engraving quality and cutting at high speed which make it a high ROI laser system. Utilizing a powerful 200W laser tube allows users to deliver clear and fine cutting results. GCC LaserPro T500 is a dedicated design to fulfill your cutting and engraving needs in one machine with high throughput and superb quality. With a series of user-definable features, the T500 is the flexible and user-friendly laser system for your needs.






Laser Source

60 W

80 W

100 W

200 W

Sealed CO2 Laser




Work Area

51 x 35 in. (1300 x 905 mm)

Max. Part Size (W x L x H)

All doors closed

53 x 36 x 2.75 in. (1346 x 916 x 71 mm)

All doors open

53 x ∞ x 1 in. (1346 x ∞ x 25 mm)

With cutting table

51 x 36 x 2 in. (1820 x 1250 x 1330 mm)

Dimensions(W x L x H)

71.6 x 49.2 x 52.3 in. (1820 x 1250 x 1330 mm)


420 Kg / 924 lb

440 Kg / 968 lb


AC servo Control

Maximum Speed*

Cutting Speed:40 IPS / Engraving Speed: 40IPS

Throughput(SIPH-Square Inch Per Hour)

133.95 in 2/hr (864.2 cm2/hr)

Speed Control

Adjustable from 0.1-100% (Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)

Power Control

Adjustable from 0-100% (Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)

Distance Accuracy

0.254mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater

Z-Axis Movement


Resolution (DPI)

Available 125, 250, 300, 500, 600, 1000

Computer Interface

Standard printer port and USB port


Standard 4″ focal lens in enclosed lens carriage (Optional 2″ lens available )

Display PanelDisplay Panel

4-line LCD panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving speed, file(s) loaded into memory buffer, setup and diagnostic menus.


Class I Laser Product Complies with EN60825Class II Laser Product Complies with CDRH

Cutting Table

Knife-shaped cutting table with dust collecting tray

Facility Requirements

Operation Voltage

AC 220V / 10A

AC 220V / 20A

Power Consumption



Air Exhaust System

External exhaust system required to connect to 8-inch and 1-inch opening on machine

*Speed does not equal to throughput. See dealer or visit www.gccworld.com for more details.

** File transmission at USB 2.0 Full Speed rate.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.